Contract Drafting Project A legally enforceable promise

This essay entails a response paper on Contract Drafting Project for a legally enforceable promise by the governing body of a firm. Contract Drafting Project is a briefing that happens in order to have a final copy of any assigned task and help in completion.

Contract Drafting Project A legally enforceable promise

Firstly, based on the facts given, draft a contract between your entity and the supplier you select. Post: (1) the contract and (2) a paragraph on why you chose that vendor to the Discussion Board, Contract Drafting Project, by the due date and time . In posting the contract, you will have the opportunity to take a look at the work of your fellow classmates.

Furthermore, the rafting Tips. A critical point to remember about a contract is that it is designed to be a legally enforceable promise. It must, therefore, clearly set forth the content of such promises as well as each parties’ respective rights and obligations. The parties may understand what is required of them and so that a judge.

Also, when dealing with a transactional contract, be sure to make obligations mutual, as appropriate. A contract should be as thorough and precise as reasonably possible because anticipating issues can help avoid them down the line. The language used to memorialize your agreement into a written contract should be simple and easily understandable. Shorts words and sentences are preferable to long words and sentences. Be sure to recognize the difference between mandatory language (shall, will, must) and permissive language.

Sample Language Preamble Identifies the name of the agreement, dates and party names. “Sales Representative Agreement” Recitals Explain why the parties are entering into the agreement. “WHEREAS, the Company wishes to enter into a contract with the Representative for the sale of its products.” Definitions Terms defined by the parties.

Section two: Analysis

Secondly, company means ABC Company. A Florida corporation.” Clauses Promises made to each party that contain the terms of the agreement. All commissions calculated in accordance with Paragraph 6.3, above, shall be payable to the Representative by the Company on the last day of the month.

Lastly, termination Provisions that govern how and when the contract ceases to be in effect. “This Agreement shall automatically renew for five (5) years unless the Representative or the Company gives notice of termination.