Contemporary United States History Since 1945 course

This is a paper that is focusing on Contemporary United States History Since 1945 course. The paper also provides the purpose and goal of the assignment paper.

Contemporary United States History Since 1945 course

Question: Evaluating the Social and Political History of the Civil Rights “Revolution”
Essay Writing for the Contemporary United States History Since 1945 course

­- Purpose and goal:

The purpose for this writing is for students to analyze the primary sources and to synthesize the historical scholarship and materials presented in class. The goal is to show that you understand the complex relationship between US politics and the contested ideology of “freedom”. Also, to show that you understand two of the following three themes in US history since 1945: the causes and impact of African-American Civil Rights Movement. The impact of the Vietnam War on US foreign policy and domestic politics. Additionally, the origins and effects of the “culture wars” between liberals and conservatives.

Scope and instructions:

You may use any source, text, film, or supplementary lecture materials provided in class. Use of outside sources will result in an automatic loss of 50% from your total grade on the exam. Even if you use material for your research project. This is not a research project or a class asking you to evaluate readings from a different course, and failure to answer questions using information in this class represents a general failure of course objectives.

There is no minimum or maximum limit on this assignment, but students should plan to write at the very minimum 1,000 words for this question.

References to the readings using the author’s name. Also, a page or location number is required in order to earn credit. Bibliographical information for materials on the syllabus is not needed—simply include the last name of the author, the title of the document, and a page or electronic location number.