Constructing a study design investigating adult children

This is an assignment that focuses on constructing a study design investigating adult children. The paper also proposes on the methods for information collection in the assignment.

Constructing a study design investigating adult children

Marked Assignment 1:Constructing a study design
This Assignment consists of one written task. The Assignment marking will be in terms of undertaking a reasoned, knowledgeable and scholarly approach. Refer to the Marking Rubric for more details.

Scenario – You are part of a research team investigating adult children providing care for older parents, how the children view having to provide care and ways that they cope.

Taking a qualitative approach to this scenario if it were a study, you need to –
(a)         Firstly, write a title for the study – (2 marks/20)
(b)         Secondly, develop a research question for the study (if you feel your question is too long, then split it up into more than one research question)– (2 marks/20)
(c)         Thirdly, describe a setting for the study – where would it be done and how would you get the group/organisation/setting involved in the study (4 marks/20)
(d)         Fourthly, describe a sample for the study –given the setting above, who would be the participants in the study and how would they be recruited (4 marks/20)
(e)         Then, propose methods for data collection (not analysis) – what data would you collect, from whom and how (6 marks/20)
(f)          Lastly, list 2 key ethical considerations specific to the design you have described (2 marks/20)

You are not required to propose methods for data analysis in Assignment 1, this will not be marked.
You should use references where needed as evidence to assist with your arguments/answers. Reference throughout your work, as well as including a Reference List.
Use the APA style of reference
Subsequently, use a table format to assist with your answers (see example below). Do not use bullet/dot points.