Conducting an analysis on an opinion piece or editorial news

This is a paper that is focusing on the conducting an analysis on an opinion piece or editorial news. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Conducting an analysis on an opinion piece or editorial news

Argument Analysis Paper

Directions: This writing assignment will require you to pick an opinion piece or editorial from a news source (online or print) and conduct a thorough analysis of its content using what we’ve learned about argumentation so far. The OpEd piece must discuss a relevant topic at the global, domestic or local level and must be from an article within the last 30 days.

Notes about picking the right OpEd piece:

Please make sure the piece is indeed an OpEd article. If it is a news piece, the author won’t be crafting an argument so it would not work for this assignment. If using a national news publication such as the Washington Post, you must first locate the Opinion section. Then, you may pick any piece:
Please only use articles from credible news publications (e.g., Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.).
You can access a wide range of articles from news publications using this database: US Newsstream (accessible from the SMC library webpage or found here:

Conducting an analysis on an opinion piece or editorial news

Answer the following questions in an essay format:

Who is the speaker and what is his/her purpose? Dig into the foundations of the author’s credibility, as well as what he or she sets out to do in this article. In other words, who is the author and what are their qualifications? Then, demonstrate how their qualifications may help or hinder the validity of their argument made in this article.

What is the article about? This question requires you to clearly identify the argument that the speaker is trying to advance throughout their piece (note: I am not interested in a summary of the article here). What is the purpose for this OpEd? Find and quote the author’s thesis and explain what it means in your own words. You should also identify the kind of proposition it is (policy, value, or fact) and draw on the article to support your answer.
What support has the speaker given on behalf of this conclusion? Look for any and all pieces of supporting material that the author uses in order to support their perspective (i.e., statistics, personal interviews, stores, etc.). Did their use or misuse of evidence help/hinder this article?

What themes or points of clash have emerged from this article? Explain what debate the author is getting into and which side he/she is on. What audience would his/her argument appeal to and why?
What solutions can you provide for this crisis? Please provide possible or alternative views to the article. In other words, play devil’s advocate and argue the opposing side. Also, explain how you personally feel about the topic. Be sure to provide support for your own analysis and argument. This is where the outside sources will come in.