Conduct research on HR Career and HRM Strategic planning

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Paper Title: Human Resources Career Paths and Strategic Plans

Based on the results of independent research conducted on the possible career paths of Human Resources Management (HRM) personnel and strategic HRM planning functions write a research paper that includes the following two main points. These become Level One Headings.

1. Outline possible career paths in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM)

2. Discuss how different organizations might develop and implement a strategic HRM plan.

Submission Instructions:


Use the APA template provided- also attached

Write a 3 -4 -page essay focusing on the main points above. include a title page, Abstract, and reference page. The 3 -4 pages do not include the title page, Abstract, and reference page.

The paper must include an introduction that outlines the main points and a conclusion that summarizes the contents of the entire paper. An Abstract is also required. The body of the paper must be organized using Headings and Subheadings

References: At least three references are required for this assignment (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources) properly listed on a reference page and properly cited in text.

The research paper will be graded for APA format and proper citing, subject content, grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors and writing ability.

Submission Instructions/Check List:

• APA Template used (attached)

• Title Page correct

• Abstract included

• Introduction included

• The body of the paper addresses the main points of your discussion

• Headings are used to organize the body of the paper– Review Announcement on Headings

• In-Text Citations are correct

• Conclusion included

• Reference page correct and required three sources are listed

• Paper is 3 -4 pages in length not counting the title, Abstract, and reference pages.

Citation and Reference Style