Conduct a search of the available literature for Social Security

This is a paper that is focusing on conduct a search of the available literature for Social Security. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well.

Conduct a search of the available literature for Social Security

For this policy paper, you will select a social welfare policy problem of personal interest and conduct a search of the available literature (with emphasis on peer-reviewed journal articles) surrounding the selected policy problem. This paper must be written in APA 6th edition format, which includes a title page, body of at least 5 full pages and a maximum of 8 pages, and a reference page(s).

Social Welfare

Policy Paper

Ideas for this policy paper topic include but are not limited to:

Policy for women and children
Policy for LGBTQ
Income security and the policies that include retirement, disability, death, and unemployment
TANF and drug testing
Social Security
Education (e.g. Head Start and free tuition)
Mental health treatment and incarceration
Child abuse and also protection
You must use at minimum 3 scholarly resources for this policy paper. Wikipedia,, and other non-scholarly sources of information will not be accepted. If you are in doubt about the reliability of a resource, ask your instruct
Topics that must be addressed in this policy paper include

Firstly, brief introduction to the policy problem;
Secondly, history of social welfare policy in this area;
Thirdly, alternative proposals to address this problem (a minimum of two alternatives must be included);
Fourthly, rational policy analysis of the alternatives;
Also, political ramifications of each alternative; 6. Summary/conclusion.

Unit 2
In the unit discussion, submit a thread (300 or more words) sharing the policy topic you would like to write about for the paper that is due in Unit 7. This topic should be of importance to you; this will help in writing your paper. Be sure to include two reasons why there is a problem with this social welfare policy. Provide helpful feedback to at least two of your peers for your responses.