Conduct a 3-4 page case study/analysis on the following case about McDonalds.

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Start off the case analysis with an intro. In the intro describe the what is going on in the case, give an overview. Then answer the following questions. Use each question as a heading in the analysis. Thoroughly answer each question in 1-2 paragraphs.

1. What is the strategic issue(s) that McDonald’s needs to address

2. What are McDonald’s’ core competencies?

3. How does McDonald’s make money?

4. What is McDonald’s’ strategy? Has it changed over the last few decades, and if so, how?

Then continue to conduct the analysis by completing the following:

Conduct the Following Analysis:

  • Porter’s Five Forces on McDonald’s industry (search online to find out what 5 forces are and determine for Mcdonald’s)
  • Identify McDonald’s core competencies and competitive advantages
  • Place key findings from your analysis into a SWOT

Lastly, conclude in 1 paragraph by giving final recommendations and thoughts.