Complete Question in APA style

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Complete the following sections:

  • Engineering Requirements
    • Create a list of the top 10 software engineering requirements for the organization.
      • This list should address requirements that are common to most of the software development projects rather than specific project requirements.
    • Include descriptions for each of the requirements that provide sufficient information to align the requirements with architectural strategies that were defined in the previous week.
  • Complete the following section:
    • Emerging Technologies
      • Provide a summary of at least 3 emerging technologies that you believe will be used in your organization.
      • Discuss how your selected architecture supports these emerging technologies and what changes may be required in the architecture to overcome any limitations in this support.
  • Ensure that this final version of the plan is sufficiently detailed to allow the organization to confidently move forward with the use of the architecture for software development based on your recommendations.
  • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.
  • Add the subtitle: Architecture Strategy Evaluation
    • Discuss the pros and cons of the architectural strategy that you selected in Week 3 in reference to the engineering requirements defined in the previous section of this report.
    • For each con identified in the previous section, provide a mitigation strategy to compensate for the shortfall in the selected architecture.