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Read the three thesis statements below about the same ad below and rank them in order of their strengths. Return to pages 118-119 in Everyone’s an Author for ideas on this. Then, write a paragraph (100+ words) about why you ranked them they way you did.

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1. This print ad featuring a cut-down tree and masked gunman training his weapon on a small tree activates fear through violent and shadowed imagery, creating an effective ad for its intended audience of teens and younger adults.

2. This print ad about political challenges with environmentalism leans too heavily on a logical fallacy of questionable cause when it suggests politicians do not care about the environment because “animals and trees don’t vote,” which might not change minds with its intended audience.

3. This print ad of a masked rifle-toting man with his gun trained on a tree engages in an extreme level of auxesis, and this dramatic overstating of the circumstances undercuts the purpose of the ad to convince the undecided about why environmental issues are not always supported by the government.

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