Complete a biopsychosocial assessment with this family

This is a paper that is requires you to complete a biopsychosocial assessment with this family. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Complete a biopsychosocial assessment with this family

.Section I.

1.  Firstly, complete a biopsychosocial assessment with this family.

a.   Identify tasks, information under each domain (biological, psychological, social, cultural,

spiritual). Feel free to embellish the client’s history to respond to the question.

b.  How could you incorporate the strengths perspective principles to this client? What

would you do to help the client recognize their strengths and assets?

2. Secondly, identify four (4) specific psychosocial techniques in working with this family.

a.       Firstly, give your rationale for selecting these techniques, note how and when you plan to implement them, and describe anticipated outcomes.

b.       Secondly, identify concrete examples of referral resources to be utilized.

c.       Thirdly, identify any environmental forces that have influenced this client.

d.       Fourthly, identify any ethical dilemmas or concerns related to the case.

Section II. Instructions:  As the assigned worker, respond to one (1) of the questions below (6 points).

1.                   Identify two (2) possible obstacles that might block your attempts to offer help.

a.       Describe specific steps that you would take in responding to these obstacles, especially related to enhancing the motivation of the client system.

b.       Also, how could identified (actual or potential) strengths of the client system be effectively used to reduce or eliminate the obstacles noted?

2.                   Assume that you have 4 months to work with this family:

a.       Firstly, identify at least two (2) short-term goals and

b.       Secondly, identify three (3) long-term goals for work with the client system.

c.       Thirdly, discuss your reasons for identifying these as goals based on your initial assessment of the client system, problem system and other systems or forces that maintain dysfunction.

d.       Fourthly, what is your plan for measuring progress and achievement of these goals listed? Be specific (remember Research?).