Comparing two short stories essay

I’m working on a English writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

What struggles do the authors and their family members, or, if you write about the story, the narrator, his father and any other characters, depicted in two of these three written works go through, and how do they handle their hardships or struggles? Characterize and describe what their specific challenges and struggles are, and how they handle, cope and/or survive them. None of the people we read about have perfect lives. What are they struggling with and how do they handle it? You are free to discuss completely different challenges you see in each of the written works, or, if you prefer, to see how the same struggles appear in each work. You are not required to see or discuss the same challenges in each of the written works. Much be 1,200 words, separate, detailed body paragraphs that discuss each of the two works and that develop what you stated in your thesis, one required quotation, or more.