Compare how 2 figures from our studies in this unit offer different visions of heroism. Analyze the connection between history and culture as seen in 2 of the primary works studied. Discuss how any 2 works covered highlight the relationship between mo

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you will compose three short essays of approximately 350 words each. Each response should include the following elements:

o An introduction that provides a comprehensive thesis statement

o Supporting material, including specific, relevant examples

o A conclusion

You can think of your target response as a miniature essay or an abstract of a hypothetical longer piece of writing. The focus should be on stating a position and supporting it logically with evidence.

o Don’t restate the question.

o Write in a direct, straightforward style.

o Offer original ideas and insights whenever possible.

o Be sure that your response addresses the question that appears on the exam and does so specifically enough to demonstrate mastery of the assigned material.