Community health simulation epidemiology and health determinants

This essay entails a research paper on Community health simulation and the procedures of epidemiology and health determinants. Community health simulation helps to identify the causes, extent and control of any disease or infection occurences in any place.

Community health simulation epidemiology and health determinants

Firstly, acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. In this task, you will engage in a Community Health simulation to gather information about a virtual community. Sentinel CityTM Community Health Simulation is a virtual city developed by Healthcare Learning Innovations to represent what you may find in any real United States city. You will be able to take a virtual bus trip and/or walk around the city while observing the environment and people of Sentinel CityTM.

Also, through your observations, you will gather information to assess potential health issues and risks within this online virtual learning environment. You will assess different factors that may contribute to or detract from the health and wellness of the community and its citizens.

Furthermore, your keen observations will be the foundation to successfully completing assignments within your course. The simulation website will automatically log your hours and produce a special report at the end of each session. Be sure to have a notepad to record your observations of Sentinel CityTM in preparation for this task.

Secondly, analyze the collected data using concepts of epidemiology and health determinants. Formulate a community diagnosis for Sentinel CityTM by doing the following.  Discuss the three problems for Sentinel CityTM based on the Healthy People goals.

Thirdly, identify a primary prevention topic based on the problem you selected in part C2. Note: See the attached “Approved Activities List” for guidance in formulating your topic.

Lastly, discuss how you will apply the assessment strategies you have learned from the simulation environment to your community assessment strategies in your community.