Comm Watch Lalita Amos TED Talk 7 simple easy questions

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

Watch the Lalita Amos TED Talk and answer the questions below. The first 2 links relate to material she alludes to in the speech, so it may help to watch them first.

Questions Lalita Amos raises and/or answers:

1. How does a single piece of information change our view of someone or when was a time that new information changed MY view of someone?

2. How do we step outside ourselves in order to listen?

3. What interferes with our listening? What is the nature of internal noise?

4. What is the effect of paraphrasing?

5. Can we be triggered in the same way by positive and negative interactions?

6. Can I think of examples of this from my own life or have I seen this in others?

7. Main Points (it helped me to think in terms of parts or sections of the speech):