com3324 Societal Context Paper 1000words

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Students will examine one of four music videos and discuss the influences of gender on communication behavior applying communicative theories/concepts. Chapter 8 discussed Gender and Media.


Imagine that you are a visitor from another planet. All you know about male-female gender roles and behavior you learned from a music video.

1. Choose one of the 2 music videos to analyze.

2. Identify the gender roles portrayed in the video. What are the roles for men and what are the roles for women?

3. Discuss the gender behaviors of the males and females in the video. Are the gender behaviors of the males and females affected by whether the singers are male or female?

4. Discuss the power dynamics (who has the power? who doesn’t? is anyone portrayed as an object?).

5. Your 3-4 page typed paper should be error free and answer each question posed.

6. You should cite at least 3 credible sources of support using APA documentation style. You may cite the textbook as a source. You will need a reference page.