COM3324 Gender Communication

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Individual Concept Paper

Use your BEM’s Sex Role Inventory results that may have resulted in a number of combinations for example, feminine-female, masculine-male, masculine-female, feminine-male, androgynous and/or undifferentiated to answer the following questions.

Use complete sentences to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible using examples to clarify your points. Your typed, double-spaced answers should be error-free.

1. Discuss and describe your definition of how your “ideal” sex (male or female) is supposed to behave adhering to the appropriate gender roles of your culture (a). in the home as a spouse and/or father/mother; (b). in the world of work (if applicable); and (c). in the religious world (i.e., church, synagogue, mosque, etc.).

2. List and discuss all the places or sources responsible for your definition or concept of your “ideal” gender role.

3. Use BEM”S SEX Role Inventory categories to identify and discuss the gender roles of your parents or parental figures.

4. Discuss how closely you would like to duplicate the gender role patterns of your parents in your present or future romantic relationship.