Colorado State University Global Campus Career Development in The Corporate World Essay

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Even if you have a job in your desired career area, change happens quickly. Companies are bought, sold, dissolved, and realigned as industries change. This places employees in the position of managing their own careers.

For this assignment, you should first complete the following tasks, depending on your comfort with your own skills in these areas:

Then develop a well-written paper that includes the following:

  • The results of your job search. This content can focus on your career track within your current place of employment and/or industry in determining your desired career progression.
  • A summary of what you learned in building a résumé. How have résumés changed over time? What do employers desire to know in reviewing résumés? What information do you want to emphasize? What is your competitive advantage within the workplace?
  • An assessment of your experience in a practice interview (or in a previous interview) including what you learned that you can apply to future interviews.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be four to six pages in length
  • Be formatted according to APA
  • Be sure to support your statements or summary with logic and a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles, citing any sources referenced. You may use the CSU Global Library or other online resources to retrieve your scholarly or peer-reviewed articles.