College of St. Joseph Computer Usage Informative Speech

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Q. The Hook at the beginning of your Informative Speech (and later, your Persuasive Speech) is an important part of getting and keeping your audience’s attention. Describe the Hook you plan to use in your Informative Speech, and why you think it will be effective.

here is the Informative Speech hook .

I plan to write a speech on How to Eat Healthy While in Lockdown. I want my audience to know that even though they are experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, they can still choose to lead healthy lives and boost their physical health in the process. I plan to include supporting ideas such as what individuals can consume to improve their health, habits individuals can adopt to improve their health and the importance of hydrating during COVD 19.

Q2. write a speach on computer. about 2 page and fill the docs.