CMN 597 assignment three Brief analysis of setting

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Assignment Three: A Brief Analysis of Setting in a Particular Case of Public Relations

For this analysis, select an organization (with its publics) that you are interested in and familiar with. Visit this organization—on site or virtually, if you have to do it virtually. Pay close attention to how the setting both constructs and documents the organization and its various publics. You should pay close attention to the setting: where is this organization’s “headquarters” or “office” or “factory” or “warehouse” or “campus”? How are the grounds designed and maintained? How does the outside of the building look? What does it say or command? What is the interior design? How do the public areas look? What do the private areas look like? Where are the doors and locks? How do people move around this setting? When do they come? What do they do in such a setting? When do they leave? How long do they stay?

You should study such phenomena of setting in order to understand the nature of the organization and its publics. You may focus on one aspect of the setting or a coherent set of setting phenomena: for example, you might focus on what the gardens suggest about an organization and its publics; or you may focus on what the various spaces inside the building all together suggest about the organization and its publics.

This paper should be two-to-four pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and stapled. You may collaborate with one or two of your classmates for this analysis, or do it on your own.