CMIT 350 University of Maryland Global Campus Network Infrastructure Design Diagram

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For the final assignment, summarize the site requirements and/or any challenges (changes to the topology as you detailed in Assignments 1 and 2) you are attempting to overcome. You should also provide an updated overall site topology based on your design.

This solution should be comprehensive, and the approach should be justified. Configurations of technologies should be written out to help guide the systems administrators with implementation. In some cases, you may find it necessary to implement additional cabling, which can be done by adding to the supplied topology. Any adjustments to the sites’ topology should be documented and supplied with your submission.

Use the Final Network Proposal Template to record your work.

How Will My Work Be Evaluated?

1.2.2: Employ a format, style, and tone appropriate to the audience, context, and goal.

1.3.3: Integrate appropriate credible sources to illustrate and validate ideas.

2.1.3: Explain the significance of the issue or problem.

2.3.1: State conclusions or solutions clearly and precisely.

2.3.2: Incorporate relevant evidence to support the position.

2.3.3: Explain inferences and deductions that follow logically from the evidence provided.

10.1.3: Define the specifications of required technologies.

12.1.3: Communicate policies, processes, and/or procedures to stakeholders.

13.1.1: Create documentation appropriate to the stakeholder.

When you are finished, submit your final paper to the dropbox below.

Review the syllabus for information about late policies and resubmitted assignments.