Climate change and why its a real thing

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

Need and outline for an argumenative paper on Climate change outline template will be attached

also attached thesis statement and topic sentences.

For this assignment, you will develop an outline for your argumentative paper.

An outline is meant to help you organize your points. Think of it as a skeleton that you will “flesh out” when you write your first draft. The more detail you include in the outline, the more likely you will develop a strong first draft.

  • You need to use a formal outline format; use the ENGL 140 Outline Template to help structure your outline.
  • You must write full sentences for the hook, the thesis statement, the topic/transition sentences, and the restatement of thesis.
  • Think of your supporting points and details as bullet points that you will elaborate on when you write the first draft of your paper.
  • If you take any information from research, make sure to include a citation in APA style. However, make sure that your outline does not rely too heavily on research. This paper is argumentative, not simply informative, so include your own original thoughts throughout.