Client role job aid/Case management process section 2 assess the client/consumer

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Part1: For this assignment, you will create a case manager job aid that clearly defines the key roles and best practice recommendations that would benefit a beginning case manager.

In a tri-fold brochure, provide a comprehensive explanation of the following roles:

  1. Social Worker
  2. Client and various populations

In addition, provide the best practice recommendations for social workers regarding the appropriate problem-solving strategies and assessment techniques for the various populations.

Both sides of the tri-fold brochure must be fully utilized. Images may be used; however, only use images with small file sizes. You may use Microsoft Word, which has several creative document templates.

Part 2: For this assignment, you will continue to use your selected case study to complete this assignment. After you have viewed the corresponding video in MindTap or read the case study, complete Section 2 of the Case Management Process template:

Review Chapters 3-4 in the textbook. For this section, explain the client’s micro, meso, and macro level theories, developmental transitions, and cultural impact (culture and subculture).

To complete part 2: Access the Fundamentals of Case Management course content in MindTap to assist you in completing the assignments in this course.

Read Chapters 3 and 4 in Fundamentals of Case Management Practice.