Classroom Management Plan

The Classroom Management Plan is a synthesis of readings, case studies, discussion and other work to develop a classroom management and behavior plan that maximizes engagement for each student in the class. The plan is to be prefaced with the student’s personal behavioral and management philosophy and will include an analysis of theory as presented in our textbooks. This assignment will be included in your teacher certification portfolio. Section 1. 2-3 pages. Theory Analysis Paper – Your Philosophy of Classroom management, including an analysis of the theories presented in class (include citations) Section 2. 1-2 pages. Approaches to Behavior (include citations) Discuss preventative tactics, supportive tactics that keep them on task and help them to persevere, using specific instructional strategies that are high interest, how you will create a positive relationship with each student. Discuss your redirection tactics when misbehavior does occur. Section 3. 2-3 pages. Physical Learning Space description (include citations and appendix) Section 4. 2-3 pages. The Learning Environment including classroom routines, expectations, groupings, collaborative relations (families, community) Section 5. 1 page. Conclusion. A wrap up of the preceding pages (include citations) You will use the current version of APA for all citations and for your reference page. Appendices will help the reader understand your plan better. Include ones that will highlight your thinking.