Class project 2 assignment comprising three sections

This is a paper that is focusing on the class project 2 assignment comprising three sections. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in writing the assignment paper well.

Class project 2 assignment comprising three sections

Class Project 2 –
Spending Plan Option
Your paper will be comprised of 3 sections:  an explanation of the creation of your spending plan, a discussion section, and also a question section.  Please use headings to help organize your paper.

1.         Section 1: Explanation of Plan
•           Explain the process of creating your plan.  Explain your numbers and why you made the changes you did.  For example, you will say: I spent this much on this, and this much on that, and this was interesting, and that was shocking, etc.  The explanation section will be the majority of your paper.
•           As you report your numbers in your spending plan, if it makes sense to you, it will make sense to me.

2.         Section 2: Discussion
•           Discuss relevant issues regarding spending plans.
•           Reference the Spending Plan article in the reading packet (Section 3).  Incorporate the ideas listed there, both when you create your plan and also when you explain your plan in this section.

3.         Section 3: Thought Questions
•           Answer the following questions (with headings). Use the question itself as the heading.
How do you feel about having/creating a spending plan?
Were these months typical of your spending?  If not, how did you account for the abnormality in your yearly projections?
How are you going to reallocate your spending in the future?  In other words, how are you going to change how you have been spending in the past?
Additionally, what was the most interesting thing you learned about yourself in the creation of your spending plan?
How will having a spending plan affect your future?
How will having a spending plan affect your immediate family?
Also, how will having a spending plan affect society?  In other words, if every American had a spending plan, what effect would that have on the economy?

Project Grading Details:
o          Your grade will be based on (see rubric below)
1.         Firstly, accurate completion of the spending plan and clarity of the explanation
2.         Secondly, thorough discussion of relevant issues to spending
3.         Thirdly, insightful answers to required thought questions
4.         Fourthly, ability to follow all of the directions and include all of the relevant material
5.         Lastly, grammar = complete sentences, proper punctuation, no misspelled words, etc.