Citizenship and Social Control in the Olympic City

Write a 3,500 word analytical paper applying a theoretical framework to a case study. Choose one of the following topics: Read Auyero on clientelism. Choose one of Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, or Buenos Aires. Use Auyero’s framework to analyze how poor people go about accessing public services in [city]. Read Freeman on how states make populations “legible”. Use Freeman’s framework to analyze urban restructuring in a city of your choice. Read Rodgers on participatory politics. Use Rodgers’ framework to analyze the participatory process in a city of your choice. Auyero, Javier. 2000. The logic of clientelism in Argentina: An ethnographic account. Latin American research review 35(3): 55-81. Freeman, James. 2014. “Raising the Flag over Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas: Citizenship and Social Control in the Olympic City.” Journal of Latin American Geography 13(1): 7-38. Rodgers, Dennis. 2012. “Separate but Equal Democratization? Participation, Politics, and Urban Segregation in Latin America.” In Latin American Urban Development into the Twenty First Century, edited by Dennis Rodgers, Jo Beall, and Ravi Kanbur, pp. 123-144. Basingstroke: Palgrave Macmillan. [e-book available on library website]