cis211 assignemnts

I’m working on a MySQL question and need guidance to help me study.

1st assignment

Install Oracle SQL Developer

Note: to install Oracle SQL Developer you also need to install JDK (Java Development kit) from Oracle.

  1. go to
  2. Click on Resources on the site in the tool bar
  3. search for SQL Express
  4. download Oracle SQL Express
  5. Once SQL Express Developer is downloaded, download JDK

NOTE: Oracle has changed how their software gets installed on peoples computers. If you try to extract the files and run them from your download subdirectory, the db_home (Oracle relies on) will be in your Download folder. You should create a folder under the “c” drive, move the downloaded zip files to that subdirectory and extract them there.

First install the Oracle SQL

Note: when installing the Oracle SQL, the application will ask you for the administrator password. I made the admin password something like “dbpass” something easy to remember. You need to know this to l link to a database in SQL.

Lastly, install JDK


when you open SQL Developer

  1. at the tool bar click on tools — preferences
  2. under preferences click on database — then click on worksheet
  3. half way down be sure to check “Get in checker board or zebra pattern”
  4. click ok

Now you need to link the database.

  1. on the sql screen, you have 2 groups of file folders to the left. In the top file folder “connections” click on the green plus sign. a window will open.
  2. Under Name – this will be the name of the assignment.
  3. In the middle of the window is Authentication Type – that remains default. Username should be SYSTEM and the password is what you created when installing SQL developer (mine was dbpass) Type whatever you made it above for Password.
  4. click Connect.

You are good to go.

2nd assignment

sql assignment

tiny college relational diagram lab 1