CIS D21JA 62Z Intro X86 Proc Assmbly Lang Assignments Lab 1

I need an explanation for this Computer Science question to help me study.

Download the lab1.docx file and the lab1.asm file.

Type in your answer after each question in the .docx file, use multiple lines if necessary.

When done, submit the Lab1.docx file, and don’t change the file name or format.

For all problems involving converting from one number base to another number base, do not use a calculator.
You will not be able to use a calculator during the exam.
You need to show your work when doing a base conversion, for example:

16 hexadecimal = 22 decimal is not showing your work
16 hexadecimal = 1 * 16 + 6 * 1 = 22 decimal is showing your work