CIS 103 Stratford University Wk 1 How to Start Your Own Busines Presentation

I need help with a Internet Marketing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

  • Read the Article “How to Start Your Own Business This Year”

Final Project

For the final project, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation will be based on the material covered in Weeks 1 through 9.

For your presentation – imagine that you are a consultant presenting to your client. Your client is the intended audience for your presentation.

Here is an outline for your presentation:

  • Decide on a name for your business – include on the title slide.
  • Decide what your email address will be
  • Choose the most appropriate hardware and operating system
  • Choose the type of router you will use
  • Determine what information is important to have on your website
  • Describe how you will keep your network safe from malware and other security threats
  • Develop a plan to keep your servers maintained
  • Discuss whether your business will have a Facebook and/or Twitter account and why
  • Discuss whether your business will be in the cloud

Upload (submit) your project as a PowerPoint presentation.

Below are the topics I need in the powerpoints.

Hardware and Operating Systems

Networking Learning

Understanding the Web and Websites

Computer Security and Internet Safety

Email for Business

Social Media for Business

Understanding Server and Clients