Cianna Carson’s Belfast Confetti

Use Cianna Carson’s Belfast Confetti Length and format: 2-3 pages. Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1” margins, double-spaced This close reading essay is an in-depth analysis of a single poem by one of the contemporary Irish poets that we have studied. You may choose a poem from the anthology, the Irish poets packet on Canvas, or research a particular poet to find more of their work. If you are interested in particular themes or topics, I can make some suggestions. Research element: To enhance your reading of this poem, you should research and include some relevant historical context for the specific poem that you choose. This should not be the focus on your essay, but rather a judiciously used supplement. For most of these poets, history relating to the Troubles in Northern Ireland will be the most relevant. After carefully annotating the poem of your choice, you will write an organized essay that: Introduces the poem and the author Provides necessary context for the poem Identifies 1-2 major theme(s) that you see in the poem Analyzes lines from the poem and makes connections back to the overall theme(s) Your essay will be graded following the poetry close reading rubric. The percentage weights on the rubric indicate how much each category will affect your overall grade on the assignment.