Chuck Berry and his influence on Rock and Roll .

The essay is not a report or a biography of the artist or group. It must focus on theit works within the selected genre. The student will compare and contrast two songs found within the selected genre by discussing the background/context of the works, stylistic characteristics (using the elements [Chapters 1-3]) and instrumentation (Chapter 3). Viewpoints need to be substantiated, i.e. prove points with intellectual evidence. Citation of three or more credible sources (some internet sources are not reliable such as Wikipedia) by using parenthetical citations or footnotes within the text is required. A bibliography/works cited page must also be included at the end of the document. If the student is not sure how or what to cite, please ask or refer to the “Additional Resources for Topical Essay” handout in their class module. Some papers suggestions are: Papers should have introductions and conclusions. Break up long paragraphs for better flow. Watch the use of semi-colons and commas. Underline or italicize major works such as albums or operas. Smaller works such as songs or separate instrumental pieces are in quotation marks.