Choosing an advertisement or film relating to COVID 19

This is a paper that is focusing on the choosing an advertisement or film relating to COVID 19. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well and clearly.

Choosing an advertisement or film relating to COVID 19

This can be an advertisement, a film, a story, a performance, an image, a commercial, a news article, a press conference, a news story, etc. *Find something COVID related.

Works cited paged needed after the 4th page.

In a 4-page formal response, you must answer everything underlined. You may also choose to answer any of the other questions in your essay, but you are not to do so. Write this as a professional, scholarly paper.

Firstly, what is the purpose of the text you have chosen? What is it attempting to do or accomplish? (Invite, teach, inform, persuade, entertain, encourage reflection or introspection, scare, urge action?) Cite places in your text (dialogue, quotes, images, text, expressions, descriptions, etc.) that help you to locate and analyze the purpose.
Secondly, who is the TARGET audience for your text? How are you able to determine this?
Thirdly, what is your text’s point of view? What manner, spirit, and/or tone does it project to convince its target audience of its point of view?
Fourthly, is your text arguing a point? If so, what is it? Why? Is it effective?

Also, how does the text employ rhetoric (ethos, pathos, logos, satire, sarcasm, alliteration, metaphors, questions, declarations, etc.) to argue its points? Is it effective/convincing in its rhetoric?
What do you know, or what can you learn about your text by examining the context in which it was produced—physically, historically, socially, geographically? Look at it specifically in terms of current culture. Why was it constructed/created? In what other forums might similar texts be found? In what forums would it very unlikely or never be found? Why? Cite places in your observations and descriptions that help you analyze cultural context.