choose one of three prompts given and write 500 words with a minimum of two references

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You will choose 1 of the three prompts from below. You will write approximately 500 words (not much more). We see these questions as open-ended. We think there are a number of ways for you to make your points. You should cite any readings you use (with a minimum of 2 references) and the “Works Cited” page does not count in the “500 word” count. You are permitted to use an outside reference but two references from the modules. This will be size 12 font double spaced with APA style citations.

Prompt 1:

The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 has led to high morbidity and mortality rates spanning across the world. In addition, the pressure on the Health Care system and on the Economic/Labor institution has been both severe and ongoing. Write an essay describing what you think the long-term impacts of this health crisis will be regarding fertility and therefore, demographic change. Further, do you think that labor and delivery as a matter of practice, typically taking place inside of hospitals in the US, will be moved to out-patient centers or to private homes? How might this change the experience of birth for those involved?

Prompt 2:

People will go to extreme lengths to manage their lives and to control their reproduction—this will be a thread running through a number of readings and films. Explain what you see as the social explanations for why the women in the film, “Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days” seek an illegal abortion (for Gabriela), and worse, why they become further exploited and harmed by the man in the film. Why does Otilia stay so committed to the plan for Gabita to have the abortion? Can you think of any other materials in the course (film or readings or lecture,) that present instances where people will take “risks” in order to manage the normative expectations for reproduction in their communities?

Prompt 3:

Human Reproduction, however we try to understand it, often reveals cultural beliefs and institutionalized power differences within societies. With this in mine, explain how female autonomy figures into women’s fertility rates, a “preference” for sons and for maternal and infant mortality rates. Explain how the reading material is using the term “Patriarchal Risk.” Further, provide some ideas for how the status of the women in societies with extreme patriarchal dominance, can be improved.Finally, why is it important to look globally –and historically—at the “changing role of women”? (This prompt will certainly get you to think about the materials that lie ahead in the syllabus –so if you would like to reference a reading from Module 6 that is fine.