Choose one of the following options and answer the questions

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Option 1 :

Visit (Links to an external site.) to play the mediation game. Follow the prompts to begin “The Angry Neighbours,” a free interactive mediation exercise. Note that the game tends to work best with Google Chrome.

After completing the mediation, answer the following questions:


  1. Were you able to successfully mediate this dispute? If you did not reach a successful resolution, go back and try it again. See if you can reach a successful resolution.
  2. Please explain how you successfully mediated this dispute. What mediation strategies did you learn?

Option 2:

For an alternative assignment if you cannot access the game, do the following:

  1. Research another case or an article that involves any of the types of ADR discussed in chapter 4 that you did not analyze in this week’s discussion. Alternatively, you can summarize a personal situation in which you experienced ADR that you did not discuss in this week’s discussion.
  2. Include a summary of the case or article along with a link to the case or article. You do not have to include a link if you discuss a personal experience.

( Do what ever case or article you want to research on it I didn’t do the discussion yet if you are going to choose option 2 )

There is no limit word, but write at least 200 words.

I have attached the file to study the materials