choose below essay titles/topics: Feminists argue that gender stereotyping and medicalisation have historically had a negative impact on women’s health. Discuss.Learning outcomes and threshold criteria: Unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria cov

The aim of this assignment if for students to utilise current research and studies on the health of differing groups to demonstrate an understanding of how socio-economic class, gender, age, ethnicity, or disability all play a role in the health of individuals and groups.

You must choose below essay titles/topics:
Feminists argue that gender stereotyping and medicalisation have historically had a negative impact on women’s health. Discuss.

Please put a source of references every paragraph.

Support for the development of your assessment:

Learning outcomes and threshold criteria: 
Unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria covered by this assessment Demonstrate a working knowledge of explanations for the distribution of health and differential access to health care in the UK and account for the health and care outcomes of differing social groups.
Threshold criteria to achieve a pass in the assessment Using information from drawn from recommended sources, explain how social factors and social divisions impact on the health/healthcare of differing social groups. 
Summarise your findings and argument in an essay format following standard rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and referencing.

Key initial* reading and resources:

Annandale, E. (2014) The sociology of health and medicine: a critical introduction, 2nd edn., Cambridge: Polity Press
Barry, A-M. & Yuill, C. (2016) Understanding the Sociology of Health: an introduction, 4th edn. London: Sage
Nettleton, S. (2013) The sociology of health and illness, 3rd edn., Cambridge: Polity Press

Your essay should include:
 Your chosen title
 An introduction which tells the reader what the aims and objectives of the essay are and an overview of the themes you will be discussing.
 A first paragraph in which you define the key terms used in your essay
 The main body of your essay in paragraph format 
 A conclusion where you draw the threads of your discussion together and show how you have addressed your aims and objectives.

You will be expected to draw on parts of at least six academic/peer-reviewed sources (that is academic books or academic journals) to support your discussion to pass. Of this minimum of six sources, only one can be an Internet source and the six does not include lecture notes. The six is a minimum; students are encouraged to carry out wider reading.

Written expression is an important element of good written communication, so try to write clearly and accurately. Also put yourself in the position of the audience and asking yourself whether someone coming to your work ‘cold’ would be able to follow your train of thought. Proof read your work before handing it in and/or ask a trusted person to read it through for you. 
No more than 5 –10% of the assignment should be in the form of quotations

You must use the Harvard referencing system to identify the source of all the information used in your assignment. You must reference systematically throughout the work itself and include a reference of the sources cited in your work. Please pay particular attention secondary referencing in the referencing guidelines. You will find a copy of the latest referencing guidelines on the unit’s BREO site. Also read the section headed ‘Plagiarism and Bad Academic Practice’ in the unit handbook.

Your work must be word processed, double spaced and page numbered. You must also include a word count. 
You are reminded that plagiarism of any type will be penalised and result in a fail.