Choose a reading response from module 2 to 4 and develop

This is a paper that is requires the student to choose a reading response from module 2 to 4 and develop. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper.

Choose a reading response from module 2 to 4 and develop

This essay will be based on one of your reading response assignments.  Choose any of the reading responses from Modules 2-4 and develop it further.  Create a thesis statement (a sentence that makes an argument) and at least three supporting points (each of which will be the focus of a body paragraph). Include an MLA Works Cited page for this paper.
Each body paragraph should consist of the following elements:

Point–a sentence that supports your thesis
Introductory phrase–a few words leading to the quotation telling your readers whose words you are quoting
Quotation–as concisely as possible, use exact words from the prompt text (surrounded in quotation marks and also with a proper citation)
Explanation of Quotation–paraphrase the quotation for your readers
Analysis–explain your point and how it ties to your thesis
For a more detailed explanation of PIQEAT paragraphs, see the PIQEAT handout.

Prompt Questions:

Chapter 1 “Opening Skinner’s Box”–

Jerome Kagan tells Lauren Slater that diving under his desk proves that he has free will.  Do you agree, disagree, or both with him?

Chapter 2 “Obscura”–

The Stanley Milgram experiments have been criticized for “creating a situation that lacks any mundane realism, meaning a situation so unlike the conflicts of real life that the human drama it portrays is, in fact, irrelevant to the world in which we live” (Slater 54).  Do you agree, disagree, or both with the critics?
Chapter 3 “On Being Sane in Insane Places”–

Robert Spitzer argues for the “validity of psychiatry, and its diagnostic practices, as sound scientific, medical procedures” (Slater 73).  Do you agree, disagree, or both with Spitzer?

After you have a thesis and at least three body paragraphs, then write an introduction and a conclusion.  If it is easier for you to write an introduction first, make sure you edit it carefully at the end to make sure it is still pertinent to the rest of your essay.  Most people find that writing the introduction last is easier.

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