Chef Thomas Keller bio web search, and answer 4 questions

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Class Topic:

Biography Chef Web Search


Research Bio information to find out about the particular chef being researched. Include where he/she worked with in the industry, grew up, age, and accomplishments. Any other interesting information.

Biography Source:

Include the websites where the information was found. Must use at least three sites. Must be sited correctly.

Report Requirements:

Must be at a minimum of one to a maximum of two pages in length, font 12, not including photos. Three-quarters of your report will be answering the questions below in your own words and feelings.

Questions in your own words:

What do you think of this chef?

What do you think about his/her presentations, plating, etc.?

Would you like to work for him/her and why?

What made them successful?


(Any Other Notes or Personal Comments after you have done this research)


(Insert pictures )

Please follow the format that I have posted. Please make sure that you use your own words and give credit to websites that you use. If you will use photos, this will not count towards the amount of pages for the report.

The first chef will be Chef Thomas Keller.