chapter one dissertation

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An approved Chapter 1 is required to complete this course. Chapter 1 is the foundation of your entire study and introduces your research topic. You will spend a considerable amount of time developing and refining your statement of the problem in this course because this is the heart of your study. You will need to identify tangible evidence that illustrates that the problem exists and then identify why this problem must be studied. For an applied degree, the problem should be based on practice, and for a PhD the investigation of the problem needs to add to the body of knowledge.

The literature you present in Chapter 1 should focus on presenting background information on the problem and should build the case using evidence to prove the merits of researching the topic. Describe and frame the problem with a theoretical/conceptual framework and develop the research questions for the study.

The required components (and approximate length guidelines) of Chapter 1 include:

Please prepare essay work to complete the sections not marked by a check mark. All of the information needs to be scholarly based with peer reviewed text or journal items dated within 5 years. Blogs and websites pages are not acceptable nor is wikipages. the APA needs to also be the seventh edition:

I will attach the foundation of the paper and ask that you use this to create the assignment to ensure the tone and content remains the same. I have left the sections blank where the information goes.

  • Introduction (2 pages)✔ done no need to edit
  • Statement of the Problem (maximum 250 – 350 words)✔ done non need to edit
  • Purpose of the Study (less than one page)✔ done no need to edit
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Framework (2 pages)
  • Research Questions (less than 1 page)✔ done no need to edit
  • Nature of the Study (2 pages)
  • Significance of the Study (2 pages)
  • Definition of Key Terms (1 page)
  • Summary (1 page)