chapter 2 summary and article

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Purpose: The purpose of these reading reports is to expose you to disability history, experiences, and societal constructs that surround disability so you can reflect deeply on how these issues impact the way you think about disability, yourself, and others. Completing these assignments will help you learn how to clearly articulate your idea, feelings, and thoughts in an organized manner with appropriate support. These writing skills will also be useful to you throughout your life as well as when completing the UDWPE.


  • Create a Microsoft word document with normal or narrow margins.
  • Do Not submit any Pages documents. They will not open.
  • Use 12-point font – Arial, Cambria or Times New Roman.
  • Paper should be approximately 350-500 words or ¾ page to a full page.
  • Reflect deeply on, think critically about, and respond to all the following questions.
  • A summary of what you read is not needed. Instead use the reading to inform your paper by citing content from the assigned material.
  • Make at least one direct reference to each of the source materials assigned, Include a quote from each of these sources.
  • Make one direct reference to at least one related lecture, discussion, or service learning experience.
  • Cite all quotations using standard MLA in-line format


  • All questions answered
  • All source materials referenced
  • Quote provided from each source
  • Quote cited using standard MLA in-line format
  • Lecture, discussion, or service learning referenced
  • Paragraphs
  • Complete sentences beginning with a capital, and ending with a period
  • Spell & grammar check
  • Saved as .doc or .pdf