Challenges of Gender Representation in Latin America Essay

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Many times, there is this misconception that history is not relevant to the present day. What happens today is not informed by history, but they are events that “just happen.” No one before us has experienced what we are experiencing and as a society, we will learn from what happens today to create a better future.

Although people throughout history have fought for a better future and have arguably succeeded in some ways, those who study history can see that many aspects of history has repeated itself, and it continues to do so. Events might not be identical to events in the past and the racism/discrimination Latinx folks experience today might look slightly different than before. But, if you look closely, if you know history and know what is happening around you, Latinx folks are still fighting for rights that their (and maybe your) ancestors were fighting for 50-300 years ago.

The objective of this reflection paper is for you to draw parallels between the history that you are learning and the current Latinx/Chicanx relations in the U.S. or Latin America. When you were reading, did you notice anything that looks or sounded similar to the world around you today? Perhaps you might have noticed that U.S. intervention in Latin America still is happening today, deportations of U.S. citizens is happening today, cultural racism used to justify dehumanization of Latinx/Chicanx peoples at the border is still happening today, the preservation of culture in ethnic enclaves throughout Los Angeles is happening today, the motivation and enthusiasm to fight for equality is still happening today.

This paper is a space for you to articulate those comparisons that you are noticing. For this paper, I want you to reflect on your assigned reading and build a connection between a current event or a personal event.