CD123 Program research paper

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Program Research Paper

(Complete for 3 Different Curriculum Types)


The purpose of these assignments is to acquaint you with both the scope and the realities of programs in the early education field. Three research papers will be required. Each one should be of a different type of educational program.


Your write-ups describing the programs will need to be very detailed and complete. References to our text(s) and/or to class discussion will add quality to your assignment resulting in a higher grade and a more meaningful assignment. You will need to write in complete sentences and papers will be a minimum of 1 ½- 2 pages to adequately cover the material. Please be sure to cite your sources using APA format.

Information to be covered in your research paper:

  1. Short biography of the person who started the curriculum model.
  2. Why did this person start this curriculum model?
  3. What is their belief about the way children learn?
  4. What might the classroom look like? What materials would they have? Are they typical toys or is there something unique about the materials they choose?
  5. Are there any specific requirements for teachers to be able to teach this curriculum model?
  6. Would you feel comfortable teaching this curriculum model? Why or why not?