Case Study

The Antitrust Case on the AT&T-T-Mobile Merger

Do not simply answer the questions, but elaborate on the point that the questions ask to be addressed. Weave your answers into an essay responding to the topics in the case. Use the essay rubric in the Grading Rubrics folder as your guideline while you develop your case essay. Use APA style and formatting to compose the 600-800-word case essay. Please seek to add 3-4 additional business-related journal articles or trade-based resources for support. The word count excludes any charts and graphs and your reference list.


Case study

Help me study for my Health & Medical class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

For Module 1 Case Study you will review the following case against Tenet Healthcare and two of its subsidiaries, Atlanta Medical Center, Inc. and North Fulton Medical Center, Inc., regarding their engagement in the payment of healthcare kickbacks in exchange of patient referrals. The full case and details can be found at:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to download and read/review the “Civil Settlement Agreement”, “Tenet NPA and Attachments”, and “Criminal Information for Atlanta Medical Center In, and North Fulton Medical Center, Inc.” to get an overall understanding of the details of the case.

After review of the case, compose a 3-5 paragraph response that accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Identifies the main issues/problems presented in the case
  • Analyzes the issues in detail, discussing potential factors that contributed to the case, and the effects of the issues on the viability of the health system.
  • Discusses the impact of the allegations and settlement on the health care facilities/system, patients and providers.
  • Discuss how an effective compliance program could help to mitigate risk of these types of incidences in the future?
  • Discuss any strategies or solutions that could be employed to prevent future incidences.

Your response should adhere to APA formatting and include a reference page when applicable