Case Study

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After reading Chapter 4, review Case Activity: Planning a Career in Public Relations of your text and answer the Questions for Review and Discussion. Be specific to receive full credit.

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Questions For Review and Discussion

1. How have the role and function of public relations departments changed in recent years?

2. In what ways do the structure and culture of an organization affect the role and influence of the public relations department?

3. What are the top five activities of a public relations

department, according to a survey by CCI?

4. What are the key responsibility areas of a PR manager working in an organization?

5. What is the difference between a line function and a staff function? To which function does public relations belong, and why?

6. Why is a compulsory-advisory role within an organization a good role for a public relations department to have?

7. Read the job description for a public relations specialist and the job description for an account executive at a public relations firm. In what ways are they similar in terms of qualifications and skills required? How are they different?

8. What four areas in an organization have the potential for friction with the public relations department?

9. How and why is the PR department relevant to other departments, such as human resources, marketing, and legal, in an organization?

10. Why would an organization that has an internal public relations department also retain a public relations consultancy?

11. What are the four largest communications conglomerates in the world?

12. How important is international business to American public relations firms?

13. What were IBM’s four objectives during the globally celebration of its hundredth birthday?

14. If you were offered a job in the public relations department of an organization and a public relations consultancy with almost similar pay and perks, which would you choose and why?