Case study

Creating Incentives for Change by Keeping Score
There is no specific format required for the Creating Change Case; however, all requirements should be covered in a grammatically correct write-up.  Groups may submit the case as a paper, a memo, numbered responses to the requirements below, or any other format deemed appropriate.

1. Why has Elite Engineering been unsuccessful in achieving the desired change?

2. Evaluate the need for goal congruence. Why do some of the consulting engineers lack a sense of urgency about the need to change?

3. Evaluate and correct the given BSC based on what is important to the leaders at Elite Engineering (think about goal congruence, make sure your revised scorecard focuses on what the leaders want for Elite Engineering as detailed in the 5 goals shown as bulleted items on page 2 of the case study). 

Revise the scorecard as you would suggest:
a. List the major shortcomings and add to or remove items from the given BSC. Give a written explanation for what you removed or added.

b. Give a specific measurement for each item on your updated version of the BSC.
For example, dont just say improve revenue or improve turnover. 
Make it specific: Improve revenue by 15%, reduce turnover by 20%, etc

c. For each measure, determine the level of analysis (i.e., individual, business team, or company).

d. Relate each measure to at least one of the 5 goals stated in the case.

(The goals are the 5 bulleted items on page 2 of the case).


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Case study

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