Case Study

David Porter is in a meeting trying to focus on what is going on. He thinks that, as many other times, this meeting is a waste of time. First, there is Joe who never shuts up. “I wish I could tell him to close his mouth,” David thinks. Also, he sees Patricia who is very shy and does not open her mouth very frequently. “Too bad,” David says to himself, “last time I talked to her in private, she got pretty good ideas but if I tell her to mention them she may hate me for life. I guess she is just afraid of being ridiculed. At some point in the meeting, Rebecca, the boss, is suggesting a “great idea.” David realizes that there might be problems with this, he mentioned his concerns, but Rebecca practically ignored his remarks. David does not insist as he is afraid of political ramifications for the future. No one else insists either. “I wish there is a better way to conduct meeting,” David thinks. What would you recommend?

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case study

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Joe and Pete are roommates and computer consultants. In order to save money, both Joe and Pete share the same computer. Even though they are both in their forties, they spend a lot of time discussing having sex with high school age girls. Joe, unknowing to Pete, uses Pete’s screen name and initiates a relationship on-line with a 14-year-old girl. After gaining the girl’s confidence, Joe tells Pete about the situation. Pete agrees to join Joe when he goes to meet the girl. They bring their digital camera with the intent of taking compromising pictures of the girl. It turns out that the girl is really a member of the local police cybercrime police unit. When confronted Joe and Pete tell the police that they were conducting research for their computer consulting business.

  1. What federal statutes may have Joe and Peter violated? (1/2 point)
  2. If Joe and Pete are charged with a crime(s) for the conduct described above, what possible defenses may Joe and Peter raise? (1/2 point)
  3. Utilizing the course material, including the information provided in the eText, explain in detail the necessary methodology a researcher would utilize in locating applicable federal statutes to the possible criminal aspect of the above fact pattern. (1 point)

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