case study

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case study

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  1. Due DateTuesday, September 29, 202011:59 PMPoints Possible100
  2. Instructions: Read the case study titled “The Unfortunate Admission” by Baum, Fjone, Potthoff, Riley, and Uden (2008). (NOTE: Click on the PDF link titled “Unfortunate Admission Case Study” and you will be prompted to log in/register. Click on the “register now” button to create an account by entering your email and setting a password so that you can view the case study).

    Analyze the case study by completing the following areas:

    • Case summary
    • Errors/Issues-discuss the errors, and/or issues that occurred
    • Use the Root Cause Analysis to identify the major issues causing problems.
    • For the problems identified, provide recommendations/action plans on how the hospital can correct the problems.

    Requirements:Provide a detailed case analysis using APA format-title page, references and in-text citations. Submit the assignment in Blackboard as a Word document. Length requirement: minimum 500 words. This does not include the title page and reference list.SafeAssign (check for plagiarism): Less than 15% match.ClarionCaseStudyUnfortunateAdmission.pdf