Case Management Project Information

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  • Students:Please review the info and the attached content thoroughly! The case study that you are expected to review and complete for the final Case Management Project is located in your required textbook for the course. The case is located on pages Pages 277-280 (7th ed). See Case Study: Melinda Bracken.PLEASE refer to the instructions below for more specifics….Please include and discuss what is required in the Instructions. Think critically about how you will work with this consumer. Please make sure that your responses are clear and concise. Please edit your work. Grammar and clarity will play a significant role in my grading process.
  • You are to use Times New Roman 12 point font. ALL assignments MUST be in Microsoft Word. Please save the document by labeling it with your last name and first initial. Example: Tarver-Hall_V.
  • Students will be given a case study by the instructor (see above). The case study will be a transcript of appointments with a client. Students will also be given basic medical information. The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn the rehabilitation process and order of events from application to plan development. With the information given, students will complete the following:
    • Application: Students will draw the necessary information from the case study transcript to complete an application form that will be provided.
    • Application Casenote: Students will write a casenote based on the application/intake.
    • Eligibility Determination: From the information provided, students will determine whether or not the client is eligible for services and give a rationale for their decision.
    • Plan Development: Students will formulate a plan based on the information given. A form will be given to guide students. The goal established and services provided should be reasonable, based on the facts of the case, based on the client’s desires, and take into consideration what services are most appropriate.

Plan Development Casenote: Students will write a casenote based on the plan they

SAMPLE: Case Note Based on Case Study from class

8/24/2020 1:45pm. (S) Consumer reported experiencing personal and professional issues after returning from 5 years as a Prisoner of War (POW). Expressed that his wife (of 14 years) was once a “clinging vine” and now appears to need him less. Believes that his children (boy, 10 and girl, 7) are closer to their mother and seem to be “jealous” of him. Reported spending days away from home without informing wife/family. Reported that he cannot bring himself to fly a plane again and feels “very uncomfortable” in social situations. Expressed that before deployment he was an active family member and enjoyed social situations. (O) Consumer had poor eye contact initially and held his head down. Become increasing expressive as session continued. Stated that he “feels funny about being here, but knows this (counseling) is the best option”. (A) Refer client for psychological testing. Initial areas of concerns: depression and PTSD (P) Next Appointment scheduled for 8/31/12 @ 1:45pm. Continue to explore presenting issues. Begin to work with client on the process of reintegration and adjustment.