Case Assignment

Read “ Business Model, Strategy and the Challenges of Exponential Growth” (In Textbook pp. 231-236)

Complete the Billcutterz Financial Spreadsheet with your calculations of the indicated (green boxes) financial ratios.

Calculate your financial ratios for the spreadsheet from Exhibits 1 and 2 in the case (pp. 234)

Answer the following questions with short essays (Typed, Double-Spaced, 12pt. Font w/ 1″ margins). Please clearly separate and mark each essay:

(1) Assess Barry Gross, the founder and President of How has Gross performed as the President of the company as it has progressed from a new venture into its current growth phase? (Recommended page length: ½ to 1 pages)

(2) Conduct an analysis of’s financial statements. Where is the company strong and/or growing? Where is the company weak? What is your opinion regarding why the company may be weak in this areas? What is your overall assessment of the current financial condition of (Recommended page length: 1 page)

(3) Briefly list and summarize three major issues faced by, and make recommendations to Barry Gross to address these three issues. Note: These three issues can be operational or strategic issues. (Recommended page length: 1 to 1 ½ pages)

Upload two files to Blackboard, the completed spreadsheet and a Word file (.DOC or .DOCX format) with your essay answers. NOTE: Do not submit .PDF files for this assignment.


case assignment

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1) DIAD: Delivery Information Acquisition Device

2) CDMA: /Cell phone network.

3) OMS: web-based post sales order management system

4) ORION: UPSNav: is a significant update to UPS’s On- Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION).

GPS ..

5) Chatbot: an artificial intelligence-enabled platform that mimics human conversation to help users easily find UPS’ locations, get shipping rates and track packages. Elements of artificial intelligence are becoming a bigger part of various UPS technologies. For example, our new virtual assistant on uses natural language understanding to help customers track packages. The assistant becomes skilled at its tasks as more people ask it questions.