case analysis

summarize the case 200 words, answer the questions. each question 150 words

You should conduct additional research to support your analysis of the case assigned to your group. The cases are generally about fictional organizations (not always, however), so your research will be focused on concepts related to analysis of the case.

For example, if the case is included as an example of concepts related to teamwork and group

performance, you will do research on those concepts, not on “XYZ corporation.”


Case Analysis

I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.

Expectations of the Case Analysis Assignment

The introduction should set the stage, establish the environment, set out the nature of the problem. You should consider that you are establishing the context within which your problem exists. You must have in-text citation to substantiate your introduction.

The case analysis assignment requires you to identify and isolate just one problem. This problem should be well developed, where did it come from, why is it able to exist? What conditions and/or factors caused it or contributed to it? Your problem statement is the common thread that you weave throughout your analysis, everything must be connected to your problem. You must have in-text citation to substantiate your problem statement.

The significance of the problem is the result of the problem not being solved. You need to indicate what will happen if your problem is not addressed or fixed. This is your opportunity to tell management they need to do dedicate appropriate resources to fix the problem. You need in-text citation to substantiate the significance of your problem.

Alternative actions are corrective actions based upon the textbook and/or magazine/journal article and/or other sources you are using. You need two alternative actions, each much have reason or rationale, and two advantages and two disadvantages. Here again in-text citation must be used to substantiate your alternative courses of action.

The recommendation must be separate and distinctly different than either alternative action. You should consider what you would do to correct the problem if you had unlimited resources. The recommendation must have reason or rationale, one advantage and one disadvantage. And, in-text citation must be used to substantiate your recommendation.

A reference list (in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) must be compiled based solely upon the sources you used to substantiate your analyses.

Table 1

Matrix Format for Alternative Actions

Alternative Actions Rationale Advantages Disadvantages

  • Meet existing Existing a. Reduces cost. a. Additional
  • Change existing Safety can always be a. Reflects a a. Takes a lot

requirements as requirements meet b. No layoffs. oversight.

Specified in Jacobs and or exceed FAA b. Government

Chase (2011). safety standards. waste.

requirement. improved upon. positive approach time to make

to safety. changes. b. Projects a b. Results are

“safety first” readily

philosophy. available.

Note. This example is intended to demonstrate how a table can be used. This example includes an in-text and proper APA table formatting.


I will attach the bock and an example, I need you to pick a topic or a problem related to chapter 5 And then please use citation from the bock or any other scholar source. The professor limited the analysis to no more than 4 pages including the first page and references page, means just two pages!!!!