Case analysis 300words

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You will need to submit an individual case debrief and reflection report for each case which outlines the contextual significance of the case as well as a reflection of what you have learnt that could be applied to their future career (as a future business leader). Theoretical insight must be sourced from the same topic as where the case is found (hint: reflect on your responses from the questions for learning). It is a maximum of 300 words per submission. You will only be given one opportunity to submit. It is recommended to initially prepare and edit your submission in a word document before pasting it into the online form. No references required. You can write in first person (ie. I learnt that…). For each submission, you are required to submit three (3) paragraphs addressing these questions (no need to include the questions, just number your answers): 1. Analysis of the Case: What is the case about? 2. Analysis of the Case: What frameworks, theories or constructs assist in making sense of the case? How do they do this? (1-2 only, describing how it enables analysis) 3. Reflection: What can you (personally) take away from the case that could be applied in your future career (as a future business leader)?