Capstone Project Part 1: Literature Review

 In HLTH 6245: Applied Research in Public Health, you selected a health issue or problem affecting a specific community and developed a proposal for a community intervention for addressing the issue or problem. As part of the Final Project in that course, you developed an Annotated Bibliography to reveal knowledge gaps related to your problem, issue, and/or intervention. In Part 1 of the Capstone Project, you build upon that initial research to develop a Literature Review. For this Assignment: Review the Annotated Bibliography you completed in Section II of your Final Project for HLTH 6245. You may use these resources in your Capstone Project Literature Review. Locate an additional 2–4 primary peer-reviewed research articles for a minimum total of 8–12 resources. Review the Capstone Project Components Rubric and the Capstone Project Instructions (located in this week’s Learning Resources) to clarify requirements for this section. The Assignment (3–4 pages): Develop a Literature Review that includes the following: A synthesis and evaluation of relevant literature that provides a concise yet well-supported rationale for the Health Education Intervention developed in HLTH 6245: Applied Research in Public Health. Eight to twelve recent (within the last 5 years) primary peer-reviewed research articles that support the topic of your paper. Beyond the minimum primary research articles that directly relate to your identified topic, you may add additional, high-quality secondary literature (reviews or meta-analyses), and you may use websites if from a scholarly and relevant source (e.g., CDC, NIH). Your sources must follow APA formatting.